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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

As professional semi-permanent eyebrow artists, we specialise in providing a bespoke service that only brings out the best of your features. This is why having a consultation is important so as to recognise your goals and what you want to get out of semi-permanent makeup.

During your semi-permanent eyebrow consultation, we’ll discuss the look you want to achieve and the best technique to create a perfect brow for you. There are various techniques that can be used to achieve fuller & natural brows, from nanoblading hair strokes to powder effect and ombre brows which enables us to develop a bespoke treatment and aesthetically correct brow feature that you will love.

What are Semi Permanent Eyebrows?

Semi Permanent eyebrows involve depositing an industry regulated pigment into the dermal layer of the skin with the use of a needle, giving the illusion of real hairs.

Permanent cosmetic makeup is cosmetic tattooing. The specialised techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as “Embroidery”, “Micro pigmentation”, “Micropigment implantation” or “Dermagraphics”.

The cosmetic implantation technique deposits coloured pigment into the upper layer of your skin using manual or machine method.

Who can benefit from Semi Permanent Eyebrows?

Anybody and everybody! Semi Permanent eyebrows are great for those who may suffer from skin sensitivities from traditional make up/eyebrow tints. Or just simply anybody that wants to “wake up to make up” and have a natural enhancement to their eyebrow appearance. The results of Semi ­Permanent eyebrows build the clients confidence, proving to be a luxurious treat to an almost maintenance free, natural look. Some medical/skin conditions and medication are not suitable for Semi Permanent eyebrows. If you have any doubts it is always best to seek a doctor’s attention and ask the technician prior to booking an appointment.