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Advance Facials

Advance Facials
Advance Facials

Hydra Firm Facial

Hydra Firm Facial is the ultimate combination of hydrating, anti aging , purifying and calming ingredients infused into the skin at jet speed using Hydra-dermabrasion, nano jet spray, ultrasound, radio frequency, ion infusion, hot/cold hammer using products completely customised to your skin needs targeting your main concerns at each visit.

Benefits: clears conjested skin and deeply hydrates.

Improves skin tone and texture, stimulating collagen and elasticity, reducing fine lines/wrinkles.Reducing pigmentation and ance scarring leaving skin visably brighter tighter and hydrated.

Can be done as a stand alone treatment or as part of a course of 3.

As this treatment includes a peel please come off any retinol products 3 days before and we ask you to refrain from any other resurfacing treatments on the face including waxing.

Hydra Firm Facial €120

Hydro Glow

Our bespoke No.1 advanced “Hydro Glow Facial” is a WOW treatment, and it provides that beautiful glow through use of ultra-sonic, enzyme peel and Esthemax jelly mask & much more.

Hydro Glow will resurface the skin through deep cleaning and unclogging pores. It will brighten, exfoliate, and lift that dead skin. The jelly mask will provide nourishment and hydration. Our toning facial volume and muscle tone face massage will stimulate your face muscles and give you lift and tome results.

Hydro Glow €90

Hydro Glow & Microdermabrasion

We provide a Hydro Glow facial with an add on of Microdermabrasion.

We use Microdermabrasion wand, embellished with a diamond tip, to move over and gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin.

This helps to vacuum the dead cells, blackheads, and impurities that dull the skin - improving tone and texture while unveiling a brighter, clearer, and smoother complexion.

Hydro Glow & Microdermabrasion €99

Hydro Glow & Needling

Hydro Glow Facial with an add on of Needling is a magic combination. Mesotherapy refers to a treatment that uses automated Genosy Dermafix Pen at the lower skin depth to create tiny micro channels for infusion of highly concentrated

Skin Boosting Solution which will be selected based on your skin concerns. Also, with this microscopic trauma to the skin, we stimulate EGF (epidermal growth factors) which play a role in attracting cells to a wound site in order to trigger our bodies healing response.

This then leads to the skins’ regeneration, rejuvenation, tissue repair and collagen production.

Needling has no downtime which allows you wear makeup immediately. Micro injections are administered to place amounts of specific solutions directly into the skin. This treatment plumps, improves appearance of open pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, hydrating skin at deeper layers and leaves the skin radiant.

Hydro Glow & Needling €120

Glass Skin Facial

Glass skin is a term for exceptionally smooth, even toned and lustrious skin.

This ultimate skin smoothing facial combines deep cleansing , Enzyme Peel, Dermaplanning to remove all peach fuzz and dry dead skin built up and a hydrating treatment to finish.

Please come off all retinols / acids 3 days prior.

Refraine from facial waxing/hair removal cream 3 days prior.

Glass Skin Facial €99

Glass Skin Facial & Needling

Glass skin is a term used to describe exceptionally smooth, even toned lustrious skin.

This facial combines all the modalities of our Glass skin facial but with the added benefit of collagen induction from our Genosys microneedeling treatment to plump and firm the skin, and help products penetrate at lease 10 times faster.

Please come off all acids/retinols/skin resurfacing treatments/facial waxing 3 days prior.

Glass Skin Facial & Needling €125

Image Four Layer Signature Lift

Our most popular peel , this beautiful four layer peel combines the power of vitamin c, Glycolic and hylouronic acid to brighten , hydrate and soothe the skin.

This is a perfect introductory peel or if you are only starting out with advanced skin treatments.

Please come off any retinol/acids/ facial waxing or resurfacing treatments 3 days prior to this peel.

Four Layer Signature Lift €85

Image Four Layer Signature Lift & Microdermabrasion

This “4-layer face lift” is the Image Skincare classic signature service. Look immediately more hydrated and refreshed. Helps to reduce redness and dehydration through gentle exfoliation.

An Enzyme treatment with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid to brighten, hydrate and soothe skin combined with diamnond head microdermabrasion for added penetration.

Suitable for Most skin types , please come off any acids/retinols/resurfacing face treatments and facial waxing 3 days prior.

Four Layer Signature Lift & Microdermabrasion €99