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COCO Cera Wax

COCO Cera Wax
COCO Cera Wax

Why COCOcera Is Different And Better Than Other Brands On Market.

  • psoriasis/eczema safe
  • no patch test
  • no wait time, wax today!
  • no sticky residue
  • longer time between waxes
  • no lasting redness
  • no damage to the skin
  • no strips used
  • helps fight folliculitis and Ingrown hairs
  • one wax all areas
  • removes all cycles of hair no breaks
  • go to the gym after /swimming etc
  • vegan

1. The wax you use in your salon almost certainly contains ‘colophony’, a resin that thanks to its adhesive properties is widely used in the production of waxing products, especially the cheap ones.

The problem is that the waxes containing this ingredient not only stick to hair but they also stick to the skin and traumatise it during the waxing treatment. COCOcera does not contain ‘colophony’. Thanks to its special formulation, it only and exclusively glues to hair and not the skin.

2. The wax you use in your salon can only remove medium to longer length hair.

COCOcera, thanks to its “vacuum” (suction cup) effect on the skin, removes all hair, including the shorter ones and those that have yet to come out of the follicle.

3. Traditional waxing is painful due to the rubber band snapping effect on the skin which is grabbed and pulled by wax during hair removal.

COCOcera only glues to hair and does not stick to the skin. This way hair removal, not only is extremely gentle, but it is also incredibly less painful.

4. The wax you use in your salon does not improve the appearance of hair or their regrowth over time.

COCOcera traumatises the hair matrix thanks to the effective removal of the hair bulb whilst leaving the follicle unaffected. Regrowth is thus slowed down and over time the hair appears softer and thinner.

5. The wax you use in your salon hardly solves the problem of ingrown hair and can cause folliculitis. The appearance of the skin can therefore worsen after treatment.

COCOcera eliminates the problem of ingrown hair because it removes hair from the root without breaking it and eliminates the occurrence of folliculitis because it does not irritate the skin, does not cause any redness or inflammation and it does not cause itchy spots.