Are you ever confused as to what skin treatment to choose? Well here at Julia Vilka Skin and Beauty Salon we have our sought - after BESPOKE HYDROGLOW FACIAL, which has a bit of everything to kick start your skin journey off with a bang.

What is a HydroGlow Facial?

A HydroGlow Facial is a revolutionary cosmetic injectable treatment that smooths and hydrates the skin from the inside – it will give you back that youthful glow that you dream of. It’s also the perfect treatment if you wish to refresh your skin to further improve your skin’s hydration and moisture. This revolutionary treatment can treat the upper section, mid- section, and lower section of the face for fine lines, dull skin, and thin skin. The HydoGlow Facial will hydrate and rejuvenate your face resulting in a glow to the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines while improving skin tone and texture.

How does a HydroGlow Facial work?

In this skin treatment we start off by double cleansing the skin to clear away surface debris and warm the skin up for some ultrasonic cleaning to lift away impurities and wake those skin cells up !! Nothing scary we promise! Cleansing is finished off with hot towels and a warm neck pillow for added bliss.

Already asleep???

Next, we wake the skin up with our customized exfoliation techniques. Exfoliating can be done through different mediums depending on what your skin needs are:

  • enzymatic (think of little “pac men” eating away at the dead skin)
  • acid based (think of little fruit acids sizzling those dead cells)
  • microdermabrasion, a little diamond headed gadget that allows us to physically remove the dead cells with the added benefit of lymph drainage

After a good stimulation of the skin, you can expect a beautiful signature facial massage to lift and relax those facial muscles and get the blood flowing! At this point extractions can be done as they are soft and ready to pop out, think black / white heads, bye bye!!

NOW, we said bespoke right? Yes, and we meant it - the show is not over… Applied next for your hydrating pleasure is a carefully selected hydro jelly mask for your skin concerns. These powerful jelly masks pack a punch and while they are doing their thing you can enjoy a neck and shoulder massage and an ice globe facial massage to cool the skin, relieve pressure points and simply melt away into a peaceful slumber if you wish ☺️

To finish off this multifaceted treatment, we apply eye cream and serum to sink down into your skin and continue the work on a cellular level, and on top we apply a broad spectrum SPF and moisturizer to protect against the sun’s rays UVA/UVB and also from blue light omitted from phones /screens laptops (YES - we got you covered !) And not to mention our FAVE ormedic lip treatment to plump out that pout.

P.S. You might want to arrange a lift home, driving is not recommended after such relaxation.

At Julia Vilka Skin and Beauty Salon all of our treatments incorporate products from IMAGE which means you can rest assured you are receiving the best quality ingredients from a results based product line.

Cosmeceutical products not only work on the surface of the skin like over the counter beauty products, but also deep into the skin to make the changes that give you the wow compliment.

To continue to enjoy the results from your treatments and to heighten results we have a 360 approach to skin health meaning it’s not only what we topically apply to our skin but also what our diet gives us to feed our skin. We stock the renowned skin supplement line ADVANCED NUTRITION which have a supplement for each skin concern, ranging from acne /rosacea to pigmentation, collagen production and overall skin vitality and brightness.

Who is this facial for?

Everyone, it’s BESPOKE!

Can I add to it?

Yes, it’s fully customisable, your therapist will guide you.

Can I make it more advanced?

Yes! You can add micro needling for added collaging boosting!

How often do I need to come?

Ideally monthly, if not 6 weeks apart.

If that is not possible you can come each quarter of the year and keep up the good work with your homecare routine in-between.

How do I keep up my results?

Your therapist will recommend your home-care routine, this can be updated throughout the year as the skin changes. You can also purchase trial sizes of products if you are not sure!

See you soon!

Team JV X